No More Posts…

Well it’s been 7 years that I’ve had my pilots license now. I can’t call myself a new pilot or a very active one these days, so I am letting everyone know that I am not going to post in this blog anytime soon.

Getting your pilots license is a great accomplishment and a very personal one. Time and money…lack of disposable income really…have kept me from progressing further. In my personal life, I have remarried and have two – 20 something step children and will be moving to Corning, NY in June 2015. My sons are now 19 and 17 years old. My oldest son is in college and my younger one is going to college in Fall of 2015. Their success in college is far more important than my self indulgences…that means no spending money on flying.

In 5 years when I hope both boys are out of college I will be 55 years old, perhaps I can learn new tricks then.

Blue skies everyone!!!

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