Fall Update – It’s All About the Flying Club

I’ve missed not having a plane to fly, so I re-applied for membership in the Penn Yan Flying Club and was voted in as a member at the annual September dinner meeting. I hope to stay more current as a pilot as I balance time, money and weather again and hopefully gain some sorely needed PIC time for the Civil Air Patrol.

At the dinner meeting I was also nominated from the floor for the “Member Accounts” position on the board of directors. The nomination was successful and I am now a board member for the club.

A week or so later the General Manager of the club gave notice that he was resigning his position. The GM position is a paid staff position in the club, so for me applying for the position didn’t need much thought. After submitting my cover letter, resume and professional references I was brought in for an interview in front of a committee of four who would determine who would fill the position.  After an hour of questioning the meeting was over. The next morning I received a call from the club president and was offered the GM position, which I accepted.

So now I am trying to sort out everything that’s expected of me as a member of the board and as General Manager and will start more one-on-one training / knowledge transfer next week. I’m working on sorting it all out and my head is swimming a bit, but I’m sure things will improve as a routine is established.

For now I am just looking forward to my weekend at LakePiseco…

2 thoughts on “Fall Update – It’s All About the Flying Club

  1. Hi Pat!

    Yes. In fact I flew Gordy down to N71 (Donegal Springs Airpark) in PA yesterday. We were following the 02T down because it’s getting a new interior. I was also able to PIC it back up here as well for 3.7 hrs of flight time, which helps towards the hours I need to be a mission pilot for CAP.

    I’ve been deep in organizing things at the club and the 2013 budget. Hope all is well with you!


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