Posted by: Orlando Web Services | June 23, 2012

Help Make a Difference in 120 Days

As many of you know who have been following me, I fly as money allows (and sometimes when I can’t afford it) to maintain currency. I don’t like talking about it much because we all have issues. I’m talking more about it today because I hope that what I DO with my flying will convince others to financially support my endeavour over the next 120 days through

Below is the case that I  have put forth for my financing request. You can contribute by going to:

Every penny earned will go towards flying, from G1000 transition training, to commercial and instrument ratings, all of the hours used to reach these goals will help me achieve Mission and Orientation Pilot status in the Civil Air Patrol so that I can serve my community as a volunteer pilot.

Help Me Volunteer More with the Civil Air Patrol

My name is Barry Orlando. I am a recreational pilot, a Civil Air Patrol pilot and father of two living in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. I earned my Private Pilot certificate in October 2007. Three years later in October 2010, I earned my Advanced Ground Instructor certificate. Since then I have wanted to continue my training to earn commercial and instrument ratings, but this has been sidelined due to the economy and rising fuel costs.

I am looking to raise $20,000 to fund commercial and instrument flight training so I can do more with the Civil Air Patrol, such as become a Mission Pilot and an Orientation Pilot for young cadets. If you don’t know much about this fine organization and wish to learn more, may I suggest you visit their site at

My flying and volunteer work revolves around the following areas:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Relief
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Air Force Support
  • Counterdrug / Homeland Security

The Civil Air Patrol does not pay for flight training or pay you to fly. Only specific flights such as real-life emergencies are paid for by the Air Force.

I WISH TO DO MORE…but to do that I need to meet certain hour requirements as a pilot. For example, to be a Mission Pilot, I need 55 hours of additional flight time and at $100 an hour for plane hire, it will cost at least $5500 or subsequently $8500 to fly enough hours to be an Orientation Pilot. As you can see, it adds up quickly just to be in a position to fly these specialized missions. I am hoping to make this a possibility by training for both my commercial and instrument ratings. So I will meet the requirements and have ratings that will allow me to fly in different conditions.

The Impact

Right now, there is a shortage of pilots to fly missions in addition to an aging population of pilots. Higher costs mean less young people are becoming pilots…who will fly these missions?

By reaching my goal I can do the following:

  • fly critical and potentially life saving missions for the community
  • fly cadets on orientation flights and introduce them to aviation
  • fly in less than ideal conditions (emergencies don’t wait for good weather)
  • help the next generation of pilots in the Civil Air Patrol
  • become a flight instructor and earn my own way

Any financial assistance would be very appreciated but If you can’t help right now, please spread the word on Facebook and twitter.

Thank you and blue skies!



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