Posted by: Orlando Web Services | May 8, 2012

Flight Log 5/8/2012 – Changing things…

Well after years of being an active member in my flying club, I needed to suspend my membership due to budget changes. I also haven’t flown there since July of last year and want to change things up and focus more on my role in the Civil Air Patrol.

My promotion to 1st. Lt. was made official today and recently I was approved for CD missions. I am also trying to wrap up my form 5 check ride (if this weather gets with the program) so that I can finally become a CAP pilot, and then hopefully I can move on to become a transport and orientation pilot. The rest is all about building time and confidence to eventually be a mission pilot.

The plus’s are that I will be in newer aircraft and can also transition to a 182 G1000. No flying club has a 182 G1000 around here! And even if they did it would be very costly to operate. The other plus is that I would continue to be around other pilots, under a controlled airspace and piloting at a level that is more than recreational, but not commercial.

The minus’s are that I can’t take non-members up in aircraft, so no family flying here, but that could be remedied in other ways with a check ride here or there elsewhere. That’s about it.

So the focused has changed and I will keep you posted as things happen!



  1. Barry,

    I visited and spent three days in Canadaigua on a farm overlooking the lake over the July 4th of 1966. It was an advance visit to Rochester before starting my first year at RIT that Sept. Liked it so much that I graduated six years later.

    Currently employed by DuraCharts in Washington, DC. We are the “other” U.S. Sectional Charts on the market.

    I would like to help you and your CAP Squadron in Rochester. I have
    expired New York and Detroit Sectionals that I would like to send to you
    for FREE. You can use the charts for aerial navigation planning and S&R practice. 50 New York and 50 Detroit would weigh about 18 to 20 lbs. when packed in a carton. I’ll ship them to you next week. All I ask is that you would pay for the UPS Ground cost of shipping them to you ($10.00 to $12.00).

    I am not a pilot, but I am the father of one. My oldest son learned to fly at Embry-Riddle.

    Congratulations on your promotion to 1st Lt. Keep up your training and complete your check flight, so you can resume flying.


    Gil Stimson

  2. Hi Gil,

    Thanks I will email you!


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