Posted by: Orlando Web Services | March 22, 2012

Working ATC Communication and My FORM 5 for CAP (Part 2)

After a run in with the flu I was finally able to fly my second flight toward earning my VFR Pilot designation with the Civil Air Patrol. With two flights down I am expecting one more before I take my Form 5 check ride.

Today we flew for 2.5 hours and focused on the following:

  • Short-field Takeoff & Landing
  • Soft-field Takeoff & Landing
  • Power-Off Stalls
  • Power-On Stalls
  • Maneuvering During Slow Flight
  • Steep Turns
  • Clearing Turns and Collision Avoidance
  • Normal Approaches and Landings
  • Forward Slips to Landing
  • ATC Communication

For the most part things worked out well, but strangely enough I was still coming in too high and fast. I am also not trimming much for my landings. I blame myself for not flying enough, for only flying this particular plane twice and for never going nuts on the trim. That’s not to say that I am NOT trimming, I am…but I’m not trimming it fully enough to just let it do its thing.

In the clubs 172 I use to squeak them on almost all the time. In fact I was doing really well compared to my instructor (Sir Trim a lot) – and I mean that with all respect. The result was…with a little or a lot of trim….same result. No big deal.

However since I also fly a Cherokee I got use to understanding the need for speed so we don’t sink too soon. This really meant an extra 10 knots during each phase of landing. I also don’t remember needing a lot of trim…I just keep flying it to the runway like I did with the Cirrus a few times.

So I got out of the habit of dealing with a falling leaf Cessna where 55 to 60 knots doing a short field is no big deal…so long as you keep flying the plane. Now I just need to get my head around this issue more which is why I will be playing with Microsoft FSX and practice landings before I get in the plane again.


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