Posted by: Orlando Web Services | July 15, 2011

CATS – Getting Serious About Cirrus Training

So far my summer reading as revolved around two books about IFR flight and the ASA Instrument Oral Exam Guide, which has about a quarter left for me to read.

As for flying, I have kept my commitment of flying at least once a month in the Piper Cherokee. The reason for that is because it’s a low wing like the Cirrus, its speed is similar to the Cirrus in the pattern and it has a fuel pump, along with left and right fuel tank management responsibilities. A Cessna 172 is just too easy…like flying a kite, almost boring by comparison.

Now with my head floating, the interactive training software called CATS is here and installed on my computer. So at this time I have started working on learning all about the Cirrus SR-20 and plan to complete the workbook that I started with my instructor and continue on with my transition training.

I am hoping that an opportunity that presented itself to me this week might mean that by mid-August, funds will be available now and on an ongoing basis for training. I am hoping for the best!

CATS - Cirrus Aircraft Training Software

CATS lets you explore and learn your Cirrus aircraft like never before. Practice checklist procedures, calculate performance, and explore aircraft systems all at the click of a mouse.

Configured to Your Aircraft

Configuration options include:

Aircraft Type: SR20 or SR22

Engine System: Normally aspirated or turbonormalized

Environmental System: G2/G3/air conditioning with selectable optional equipment

It’s Interactive…

  • Practice normal and emergency procedures anytime, anywhere, using interactive cockpit controls and checklists.
  • Learn the systems of these technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) with animated, interactive schematics and simulations.
  • Navigate through the software using a familiar Pilot’s Operating Handbook format.
  • Explore and learn at your own pace using “free play” simulations and an unrestrictive menu system.
  • Test your knowledge with over 40 multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Monitor your progression through the content and quizzes with integrated progress tracking.

Six Sections with Subsections with Quizzes

The Power Plant

Weight Specifications


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