Posted by: Orlando Web Services | January 15, 2011

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

I hate winter. And even though we have only been in winter officially for less than a month, it feels like eternity. Shortened days are a real downer. Frigid temps are another. I’m not excited about flying and my AOPA membership has yet to be renewed. I’ve avoided the Civil Air Patrol because I am not very social either and spending $300 for the proper apparel for winter flight has no appeal to me. This is what I call the Winter Blues. It’s my least favorite time and it happens every year of course. My choices are to move to Florida or go west…anything along the Mexican border is out of the question unless it’s California.

The photo says it all and was taken today at the Skaneateles Aero Drome. 

It’s times like these that flying the Bahamas looks like paradise….because it is!


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