The Cirrus – Something New to Occupy My Time

After accomplishing my greatest feat of getting my complex endorsement in the flying clubs Piper Arrow, the club decided to buy a 2006 Cirrus SR20 G2. So just as I was ready to begin my IFR studies BAM! I have something new to occupy my time.


This plane is loaded with the following:

  • Avidyne Glass Cockpit
  • DFC90 Autopilot
  • Traffic Display / Alerts
  • Weather Display
  • Terrain Display / Alerts
  • Parachute System

So now the energy I have or the little I have this time of year, is going into learning about this plane and its flight characteristics and electronic systems. My task is to memorize the V speeds and traffic pattern power settings, airspeeds and flap settings for all types of TO&Ls. In addition, I need to become familiar with the abnormal procedures and emergency procedures including the different electrical failures and what my options are with this aircraft.

To get a sign off in this aircraft will take much ground study and eventually significant flight time.

My ground study materials include the following:

  • Airplane Information Manual
  • Cirrus VFR Transition Training Syllabus
  • DFC90 Autopilot Manual
  • Cirrus Question and Answer Workbook
  • Weight and Balance Spreadsheet

I have much work ahead to fly this beast, so the IFR studies will need to wait until I am done getting a sign off for this aircraft. My mind simply can’t multi-task as it once did without me getting aggravated, depressed and forlorn. Winter in New York sucks enough without me putting myself through more levels of hell.