Posted by: Orlando Web Services | October 10, 2010

Today You CAN See Barry Fly

Today’s flight was a cross country from Penn Yan, NY (KPEO)  to Olean, NY (KOLE) and then 12 mile hop over to a grass field in Great Valley, NY (N56). Our mission was breakfast at Eddy’s Restaurant which is just across the street from the grass strip in Great Valley.

Special thanks to Gordy Young. Because of his efforts I finally have video instead of words to describe my first grass field landing. Before we see turf however, we stop in Olean just to say we did and in the process see a bi-plane back taxiing on runway 22!

I have never been to either of these airports before so this was a real treat. We had fall colors, blue skies, smooth air and time to relax and enjoy the flight. It was a GREAT DAY!!!

See Barry Fly! On our way to Olean, NY (KOLE)

Wind Turbines near Cohocton, NY

Landing at KOLE (Olean, NY)

Line up and wait take off at KOLE (Olean, NY)

Grass strip landing at N56 (Great Valley, NY)

What’s on the Menu at Eddy’s Restaurant?

Valley fog near N56 (Great Valley, NY)


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