Posted by: Orlando Web Services | August 23, 2010

In a world where I feel so small…

…I can’t stop thinking big!

Or so it would seem. I have been studying for Part 1 of a two-part test to earn my Advanced Ground School Instructor Certificate. Part 1 (Fundamentals of Instruction) is smaller than the other (Ground Instructor Advanced) but it deals with teaching methods and instruction, something totally different from what I am familiar with.

It’s kind of strange studing and taking a test of about “tests” and how flight training is performed. I am always on the receiving end of these things and never the giving end of such fun stuff. So far grasping the material is not difficult and lends itself to rote learning. However, like all good test it has it’s share of “sounds good” multiple choice questions that test your knowledge and understanding…which is why rote is saving my A$$ right now. I don’t even think about memorizing the question so much as I remember keywords in answers.

So the scary part of this is that I am discovering how I  retain or not…the lessons that I study. It seems that I generally know subject matter really well or I don’t. And the things that I don’t know are due to me failing to “burn” in the keyword from the answer to the question it belongs to or so it would seem.

However, I am noticing that I am dependent heavily upon orthographic coding to retrieve a correct answer. Orthographic coding refers to the ability to both store in memory and retrieve from memory letters and word patterns. I am associating word patterns (keywords) in answers as being correct without needing to see much of the question. So I am basically remembering bits of answers rather than knowing both the question and answer by rote. Again this is my observation, but it would explain why oral examines are not my favorite!

Anyway…I am making progress and hope to take the Fundamentals of Instruction test either later this week or early next week. I need to take it during the week according to the testing center…which is when I have the kids.


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