Posted by: Orlando Web Services | May 17, 2010

Back Seat Rider

View from 5000 ft at the end of Canandaigua Lake

This past weekend I went on my second Civil Air Patrol mission and completed my Mission Scanner requirements.

A Mission Scanner, along with a Mission Pilot and Mission Observer make up a flight crew. The Mission Scanner’s job is to take photos of targets on the ground from the backseat just behind the pilot. There is a window I can open in order to take the photographs needed. We are to document what we are looking at, the direction we are looking and the location. Once we arrive back at our base we upload the photos for review.

This mission was a success in that we found our two targets, took photos, and got back safe. Completed missions are always the best once you get back on the ground since they can be on the long side. My first flight was 5 hours, this second one was 2.4 hours – but bumpy!

BTW…if you want to see larger photos, please contact me.


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