Arrow Update and G1000

There’s nothing worse than seeing the plane you wanted to complete your complex endorsement in sitting at the airport next store awaiting fuel tanks. The clubs Piper Arrow needed to have its leaking fuels takes repaired and they needed to be sent out to be done properly. So…that’s the deal on that!

In the meantime, I took to the air three times in a Cessna 172G. I can’t blog much about it, but it was good to get into a few crosswinds and put an old plane to good use.

On the ground I have been spending hours with Gordy using a G1000 simulator with synthetic vision. We have been walking through our own simulated Civil Air Patrol missions and many flight plans. I discovered that the software will not let you mark a waypoint if it’s over water. I did figure out a work-a-round to this finally. Gordy is a mission pilot, but right now I am a scanner in training. However, I have no doubt that I could fly the CAP’s Cessna 182 with the  G1000. I’m just not cleared to do so.

Gordy and I are trying to form our own crew, so we need an observer to make the crew complete. Crews consist of a mission pilot, front seat observer and a rear seat scanner. I am close to being a CAP VFR pilot, I just need a FORM 5 checkride to make that happen…this is where that high performance endorsement comes in handy. Anyway, I need to complete my scanner training and then my observer training. Only PIC time can help me become a mission pilot. Since Gordy is a CFI that’s never been a problem for him, but it has been and will be a problem for me due to finances….so things take 5 times longer to get done than they should.

High Performance Endorsement Earned

On March 27th I earned my High Performance endorsement in a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182 RG.

I logged a total of 4.2 flight hours as PIC and these hours also counted toward my Complex endorsement since the RG has retractable gear.

I have also logged a total of 3.2 flight hours as PIC in the Piper Arrow towards my complex endorsement.

To date I have:

177.6 hrs total time.
73.0 hrs PIC time.
7.4 hrs complex time.
3.2 hrs high performance

My goal is to earn a total of 100 hours PIC time and minimum of 10 hours in the Arrow so that I can fly solo as PIC as per our club rules. In addition, I would like to start the Garmin G1000 training to fly the glass panel Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182.

That’s where things stand now!