Part 61.56 Flight Review

This month I completed my Part 61.56 Flight Review at the Penn Yan Flying Club which is good for two years. Here’s the break down of the time involved:

2.7 Hours Flight Instruction
2.5 Hours of Ground Instructions

Total Cost:  $350.40

Not bad! And I was able to get in 3 instrument approaches under the hood. I was glad to get it out of the way, but delighted that I was in the air again and keeping very busy in the cockpit!

I was flying the clubs Cessna 172 – N73450 which has gauges and a GPS, so it’s good enough for instruction for IFR – but we would hesistate to use it in hard IMC. I will try to continue what I learned on my flight simulator at home. Now that I have a better understanding of instrument approaches.