July 2009 Status Report

It has been a lean flying year for me. In 2008 I flew 7 times and so far in 2009 I have flown twice. Why? Well it’s not for the lack of wanting to. Sadly my absence has been due to lean times and since I try to be frugal, I only fly when I know I can afford it.

To combat this problem I have decided to join the Civil Air Patrol. I completed my application for the Rochester Senior Squadron and need to complete a finger printing card for membership. Why do this? Well here are a few reasons in no particular order:

  1. To learn about other aircraft besides the Cessna 172 (like the 182 & 206)
  2. To be around other pilots.
  3. To learn the ins and outs of Class C airspace and ATC.
  4. To give myself a more structured environment to grow in.
  5. To earn time and become a Mission Pilot.
  6. To be a better pilot.
  7. To perform a volunteer service.
  8. To find a career in aviation…if possible.

So that’s what’s going on. As always, donations are greatly appreciated since it still costs money to fly in the Civil Air Patrol.