Posted by: Orlando Web Services | November 15, 2008

Flight Log 11.15.08 – Condition “Grounded”

My flying drought continues as I exist on a tight budget, while the government continues to scare the hell out of the American consumer and bails out failing enterprises. I generally don’t like talking politics or religion in a blog, but I pray that the right people in high places start to do the RIGHT things and not the political thing to release the stress on the economy.

Anyway. My current condition is grounded until I complete my annual flight review (yes…the flying club requires an annual to fly the club planes) with an instructor. I have been working part-time days from the time my kids go to school until they come home.  I then help with homework and fix dinner for everyone while I tend to my clients needs later in the evening. Since we are in November, night-time is here by 6pm which leaves weekday flying as not much of an option for me.

In any event, I have completed two wings safety courses online and will be going to Williamson-Sodus for another next Thursday, November 20th at 7pm. This more than satisfies the flying clubs requirement for safety classes. I don’t like it if I fall behind on courses and at least this time of year gives me the opportunity to study while there is no flying going on in my life.


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