Visit to Canandaigua Airport

I took a drive to Canandaigua Airport this morning to sign paperwork in order to rent aircraft closer to home. The rates are more per hour, but it would be nice to have a Plan B in case my plane is not available at Penn Yan. It would also be nice to finally use an airport that I drive near everyday on my way home. Since I am the AOPA Airport Support Rep. for this field it would be nice to know more about that is going on and to speak with fellow pilots. Next…getting checked out on a plane to finish this process.

Flight Log 4.17.2008

Today I managed another trip to Oswego County airport with my boys. It was a nice flight from Penn Yan and back. On this trip I managed to forget to set my transponder to ALT on the return leg (which is very stupid) and I managed tp turn off, instead of turned on my landing lights when I got to Penn Yan. I would have felt better if I didn’t use a checklist, but I did and still missed it. Yes, my boys ages 10 and 12 can be a distraction, but that’s not an excuse for not getting it right. The reason I screwed up is because I wasn’t as careful as I should have been.

Note to Self…don’t get rushed or distracted by passengers.

Family Time and Flying Time

Anyone who is a pilot or a dedicated student knows that balancing Family Time and Flying Time can be difficult. As the weather heats up and the blue skies and calm winds call us, this becomes increasingly difficult. We need to keep current every 90 days if we want to take passengers, but we also need to fly alone or with a CFI to remain aviator material.

To help solve our problem we can spend some family time in flight. A nice 100 mile round trip somewhere is a nice way to combine family and flying. A $200 hamburger joint (fuel costs ya know) might work, or even more if you are a good planner and the weather has your back.

Another thing to consider is a dedicated day to put aside (with your wife’s permission of course) 4 hours of time to fly with your buddies to a pancake breakfast somewhere. Balance is key here. If you go making this a weekly event you might have issues at home.

Another ideas is to set aside one evening a week to fly…and keep to it. This could be a evening when the wife is with her friends or family doing something for herself. Everyone needs some ME time and so does your wife or girlfriend.

Remember that just because you like to fly and experience new things, doesn’t mean others feel the same way. So do be thoughtful and supportive. You should build up time with you significant other and do things that they want to do, so when it’s your turn they will feel that it would only be fair to you to let you fly.

Don’t make your wife feel abandoned. Explain to her that flying on a regular basis makes you a safer pilot, that skills degrade over time and that regular time in the air will come in handy for that romantic flight together that you keep on talking about (but haven’t done yet)…come on!

Who is Brett and Why am I Jealous

Being in a flying club means sharing planes. There is one person in particular who lusts after our Cessna 172 about as much as I do and that is Brett. Brett manages Bravo Zulu Aviation and every now and then Brett and I share a few emails. I think we might have met face to face once, but that was it. We have talked about flying together, but it was a rough winter and things never came together. That’s not an issue since there is always this year. I have to confess…I’m jealous of Brett and his relationship with N73450.

Why am I Jealous?

Just one look at his blog will show you why. With articles such as Cessna 172 VFR to JFK or Fun in the Washington, DC ADIZ it’s obvious that he is getting more “quality” time with my lady than I am.


I try not to be jealous…really, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Here I am trying to figure out how to go about getting my instrument rating and he’s out there waltzing in the skies with 73450…and all of this in March no less!

Well… I have no one to blame but myself. It’s getting hard to top his adventures unless I fly across the ocean and land at Heathrow or something like that. I hope they are happy together…now that I am in counseling I am starting to feel better about all of it. But it’s a slow process.