Flight Log 3.28.2008

After a long cold winter I finally got in my first flight of 2008. Just by chance Gordy, my instructor for my private, was also at the field putting away the J-3 Cub. I needed to get in my 90 day and kick some rust off myself. Gordy and I exchanged some small talk and since he had some time on his hands this Easter Sunday, he asked if I wanted a passenger. Well since this was the first time I saw Gordy since last October I said sure!

We pulled N73450 out of the barn and I started my checklist. We were at 6 quarts of oil so I put 2 more quarts in our bird. We got in and I slowly went through the checklist. As a passenger Gordy was doing OK, but being the CFI that he is, he volunteered information as needed. I was more than OK with that.

We took off and decided to get the three takes offs and landings to a full stop taken care of in short order. We had a slight cross wind from the northwest on runway 1 but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Once we got this out of the way Gordy asked if I wanted to fly to Rochester. Inside I was dying to get into Charlie airspace, but I was kicking of the rust and taking to ATC was not what I had in mind just yet. Gordy knows me pretty well and before I could voice my concerns he said that he would handle the radio. “Ok” I said. So off to KROC we went.

At KROC I made the first landing approch for runway 25. Naturally I was getting re-oriented to the field and crossed the path of runway 28 as I was headed for 25. That mistake only happened once. We had a cross wind here, a bit stiffer than in KPEO and I had to finess the controls a bit to get into position. I did a touch and go and headed back into the sky. Gordy then asked if he could try it and I said sure and gave him the controls. This time we made a short base to final landing. For a moment I thought Gordy was going to bang the prop since we seemed to come in pretty steep, but he greased it with just a little drift and then took off.

Now that Gordy showed me how it was done I was once again the student emulating the instructor. I came in nice and smooth a few times and did a go around when once didn’t work out so well. Gordy tried his hand at it again and once again greased it on from steep decent. I thought the prop was going to be history again, but everything worked out great.

Next we headed for home with about 1.5 hours of flight time, some class C exposure and kicked of some rust at the same time.